@TheMathPod and Twitter Chats

We will have two types of Twitter chats during each cycle of learning with Cathy Fosnot.

During the Radio Show

While each broadcast is live, we will be using the #TheMathPod to deepen our learning and share questions with Cathy Fosnot and Stephen Hurley by tweeting comments and questions.

A Few Days After the Live Broadcast

On the Sunday following each broadcast, we will be hosting a follow up Twitter chat based on the learning from that week, moderated by Heather Theijsmeijer, @HTheijsmeijer, of the Rainbow District School Board. The questions will be developed based on the learning presented by Dr Cathy Fosnot, the questions and responses through your tweets during the broadcast, and based on any other shared insights or learning shared to the #TheMathPod or through the comment function on themathpod.ca website. Questions will be posted and shared on the website and the Twitter page, @TheMathPod prior to each chat. 

How do I participate if I have never done a Twitter chat before?

There are many articles you can read about how to participate in a meaningful way on Twitter and in Twitter chats. A simple Google search will bring up many articles to help you along your way.

This is a general article that gives your the 411 on how to use Twitter: The Teacher’s Guide To Twitter.

This article is more specific to how to engage in Twitter chats: How to Participate in a Tweet Chat.

If you don’t have a Twitter account, it is easy to start one! Open yourself up to more learning! Here is a quick guide on how to set it up: How to Make a Twitter Account.



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