The Math Pod Cycle 2!

IMG_0697It’s that time of year again! This week, on Wednesday January 17th, we will be starting our second cycle of The Math Pod with Cathy Fosnot, hosted by Stephen Hurley of voicEd Radio! All of our previous broadcasts from cycle 1 are available on our website here and on the Radio cite.

Both Wednesday and Sunday night broadcasts are from 8:00-9:00 pm on the “Listen Live” button. You can always listen to them after the fact in the ON DEMAND page of the website or on this website under Podcasts.

We have some exciting changes planned this time around. Each week, we will highlight a different lesson from the Fosnot kits, focused on fractions. Stephen and Cathy will discuss the lesson, key ideas and strategies. We will be monitoring both the Twitter page for the Math Pod (@TheMathPod) as well as the #TheMathPod for discussion and questions during the podcast and sharing them back with Cathy for further insight on the show!

Then, the problem will be posted on our site and the VoicEd Radio site so that you can all try it out with your classes. Sunday nights will be another broadcast with Stephen Hurley as well as our own Ve Anusic, who will be supporting the digging deeper with teachers from Ontario schools (to be announced soon!). Once again, we will be watching Twitter for any questions from our listeners.

Special thanks to Kathy Prince and Ve Anusic for their support in planning, direction and deep mathematics knowledge!

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