The Math Pod Cycle 2, Episode 1: FRACTIONS!

We were excited to start the new cycle of @TheMathPod with Cathy Fosnot and Stephen Hurley from VoicEd Radio!

This cycle, we listened to what you said and have made some exciting changes.

Each week, from January 17th – February 7th we will be engaging with a new math problem shared with us from Cathy Fosnot. This week, we dove head first into a problem that looked at how we shared submarine sandwiches.

Stephen did the problem with his son, Luke, and talked to Cathy about the different ways he and his son in 5th grade worked through their own models to solve the problems. Cathy reminds us that the anxiety related to mathematics arises when we don’t have the opportunity to develop our own understanding through our natural curiosity.

Stephen said that Luke’s grandfather would have quickly shown him the algorithm to solve the problems through multiplying fractions and although Luke would have been able to solve it, he would not have understood how it worked. Instead, Luke developed his own way of thinking which Cathy told us was Luke rediscovering how Ancient Egyptians used unit fractions.

IMG_0784Join us tonight on VoicEd Radio at 8:00 pm to hear how another educator, Diamond Elstone, has worked with her students on the same problem! She will have a shared dialogue with Ve Anusic and Kathy Prince.

Diamond is a grade 7 homeroom teacher in the York Region District School Board at Sir John A MacDonald Public School.

Diamond says,

“When you know better, you do better. I’m committed to having a research based pedagogy and having my practice embody that. Math is not only a current area of need in our school system but also extremely fun to teach in the style of the renewed math strategy. The more I learn about it, the more fun I have teaching it and the better my students become at reasoning, communicating, and collaborating! What’s not to love. Once you get started and see that it is not that scary (as I did due to a great mentor) its easy to make it a focus of your learning.

We hope to see you on Twitter tonight as well. Join the chat at #TheMathPod






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