The Purrr-fect Problem Podcast


Okay, we took the pun from our friend Stephen Hurley at because it was way better than ours about a Cat-astrophe since it was really about kitten food and not cat food. We like to give credit where it is due!

This Sunday, we are joined by Ryan Tackaberry who is a grade 6 teacher at Eldorado Public School in the Peel District School Board. He tells us that he became engaged in the new math learning because he was inspired by our own, Ve Anusic and that he always welcomes the opportunity to learn with new educators in hopes of learning things that will lead to student success.  He especially enjoys talking math.  And he says, “Cathy Fosnot….is kind of a no-brainer, I kind of think that her Landscapes are the greatest single page documents in math education.”

Here are some solutions that Ryan’s students modelled:

We look forward to hearing about how his students came to understand the Cat Food problem. Join us this Sunday, January 28th at 8:00 pm on and on Twitter using #TheMathPod when Ve Anusic and Kathy Prince share a professional dialogue with Ryan Tackaberry.

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