Arithmetic to Algebra: Looking for the Powerful Moments, K-8

IMG_2038This year’s final Math Pod Cycle will begin Wednesday April 4th at 8:00 pm EST on Radio. This cycle, we are trying something different and exciting. Cathy Fosnot will be opening up P2S2 (her online platform) to us for the month of April and will be running an online Professional Learning Community (PLC) on it with us as an accompaniment to the weekly radio show. This allows us to study and discuss clips of children at work in real classrooms and converse online about them with Cathy. These discussions in turn will inform the radio show each week.

The four weeks will be focused on the following:

Wednesday April 4th: Deepening Our Own Knowledge

  • What is mathematics and what is algebra, and what does it mean to do them?
  • What does the development of algebra k-8 look like? What is the landscape

Wednesday April 11th: Mini-lessons Through the Grades

  • Doing mini-lessons through the grades for computational fluency and algebraic reasoning with strings of related problems
  • Documenting the learning using the algebra landscape

Wednesday April 18th: Investigations to Try with Your Students

  • From Beads, Shoes, and Twos (k-2)
  • From Trades, Jumps and Stops (3-4)
  • From California Frog Jumping (5-8)
  • Anticipating what children will do and analyzing their work using the landscape

Wednesday April 25th: Reviewing the Landscapes of Learning for Algebra & Digital Capacities to Assess it

  • Self-Assessment: Considering our own learning
  • Assessment of other-  strands of mathematics

All podcasts will be live at 8:00 pm EST and available online afterwards and  live Twitter chats will happen simultaneously with live broadcasts.

We know that some have full access to Cathy’s online platform already through your boards. If that is the case, please ensure that you have an active login and password and can get on. Everyone must complete the survey to ensure you are placed within the PLC.

If you are interested in joining us, please complete the survey at this link so we can  ensure access, even  if you already are using the platform to ensure you are included in the PLC. Please complete the survey by ASAP!

We look forward to learning math,  one podcast at a time with you in April 2018! The Math Pod  Team

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