Arithmetic to Algebra Cycle 3 Episode 1 of the The Math Pod

IMG_2143On April 4th we started our third and final cycle of the Math Pod for this school year. Once again, we are joined by Cathy Fosnot and Stephen Hurley but this time it is different.

We listened to what you had to say. We send surveys out to our listeners in the hope that we will always improve our show and better meet your learning needs. We are thrilled that Cathy has agreed to give free access to her platform, New Perspectives Online. If you haven’t already joined, you can do so by registering here and then clicking on this link.

We begin the first week learning about the continuum from arithmetic to algebra. Cathy cautions us think about what algebra looks like in the younger grades. The landscape for algebra helps us to see what that might look like. The videos shared with us include a summary of ways in which we can think about algebra, the landscape for learning and sample lessons taught by teacher, Aisha Cook, to her third grade class and Liza Hernandez to her fifth grade class. This content is all available in the PLC that Cathy created for our learning over the next four weeks.

As always, we encourage you to join the Twitter chat @TheMathPod and by using #TheMathPod.

Special thanks to Mishaal Surti for joining the conversation last week and monitoring the Twitter feed!

We hope you can join us in this learning.

All podcasts are available here on the webpage.

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