Content for the Math Pod: Cycle 3 Weeks 3 and 4

Screen Shot 2018-04-14 at 9.03.28 PMWe are excited by the numbers of people joining us for the Math Pod Cycle 3 where we go into Cathy Fosnot’s online platform, New Perspectives Online. Cathy has organized content for our learning with the theme of Deepening our Math: From Arithmetic to Algebra.

Week 1 was focused on the question, “What is Algebra?” followed by a video with Cathy developing the landscape for early algebra.

Week 2 was focused on the practices of four teachers:

  • Aisha Cook teaching 3rd grade,
  • Liza Hernandez teaching a 5/6th grade class,
  • Tanja Kessenich with a 4th grade class, and
  • Carol Mossesson-Tieg with a 4/5th grade class.

This week, week 3, we will be focused on teachers introducing variables, a grade 3 class and a grade 5 class. The units that these teachers use are Trades, Jumps and Stops (for grades 2 and 3), and The California Frog Jumping Contest (for grades 5-8).

The final week, week 4, we will be doing some math ourselves. We will also be engaging with the Landscape of Teacher Change and tracking our own growth and development over the four weeks.

All the content is found on the same page to scroll through to ensure you have the correct content for each day.

We look forward to our continued learning together this week, Wednesday April 18th at 8 pm EST on Radio. Join the Twitter chat at #TheMathPod.

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