Sharing our Learning and Thinking

Do you have a reflection to share? It can be any format:

  • a blog post
  • a flip grid video
  • a YouTube video
  • a sketchnote

We are only limited by your imagination!

Share the link with us and we will post it here!

Cycle 2 Sharing

We are waiting for your voice here!


Thanks to Lisa Corbett for sharing her thinking on her blog: Cat Food. She talks about how she is pushing herself to go beyond the algorithm!

And here is Lisa Corbett’s new blog: Equal Playgrounds? where she talks about the struggle in learning how to draw a model of her thinking. We love Lisa’s honesty in her reflections.

Cycle 1 Sharing

Thanks to Ve Anusic for sharing your Vlog with us! Check it out here!

What does Ve Anusic have to say about week two? Check it out here!

Shared Blogs

Thank you to Heather Theijsmeijer for honestly sharing your thinking and experience with us in your post, Never as Easy as it Looks. She reflects on why it didn’t work out as planned and invites readers to sharing their thinking.

Thank you to  for sharing her blog, Reflections on #TheMathPod with Cathy Fosnot: The Meaning of Context. We would love to hear what you think about Deborah’s ideas!

Thank you to Lisa Corbett for sharing The Math Pod: Week 1 Reflection. “There we all were, university educated teachers, teaching this “strategy” (or is it a trick?) to hundreds of kids year after year, and nobody could actually explain it. Weird, right?”

Thank you to for her blog, Questioning to Develop Mathematicians. where she reflects on the learning from Cathy Fosnot and asks: What kind of questions can we ask to support development as a mathematician?

Lisa Corbett shares her thinking again in MATH, NUMBER STRINGS, NUMBER TALKS: WWCFD where she tells us that “today is the day I was going to do something different”! Have a read! Tell us what you think! Write a response and share it out!